Spyware / Adware Removal

Spyware is malicious software that installs itself on your computer without you even knowing about it, and it monitors and reports your activities and personal information to third parties. Adware is a kind of spyware that typically generates annoying pop-up ads. Spyware and adware is collectively known as "malware" (malicious software). If your computer just isn't running as smoothly as it once did, or you're seeing a bunch of annoying pop-up windows, then we can help!

We'll come to your home or business and remove all that malicious software.


What We Do:

  • We can come to you, or if you prefer, we can securely connect to your computer via Remote Support

  • We'll search your computer for any sign of spyware, adware or other malware

  • We'll remove all traces of spyware and adware

  • In the event malware cannot be removed, we'll ensure all your data is backed up and restore your computer back to its factory defaults, with all your data intact

  • We'll make sure your anti-spyware / malware protection software is suitable and up-to-date to reduce the likelihood of any further infections