Wired & Wireless Networking

Networking is a convenient way to share files, printers and Internet access across multiple computers in your home or office.

Wireless networks and wired networks can be tricky to set up, and it's crucial that your network is set up properly for maximum security and reliability. Fortunately, we're networking experts, and we can have your computer network up and running in no time at all.

We'll come to your home or office and set up, upgrade or fix your network. We can even help you with setting up a network for your mobile and tablet devices.


What We Do:

  • We'll speak to you to determine what needs to be done

  • We'll set up a secure wireless network (or wired network, if preferred) to connect all your computers together

  • If you already have an existing network which needs upgrading or repairing, we can do that, too!

  • We'll configure the network reliably so you can share files, software, and hardware between multiple computers, based on your requirements

  • We'll also show you how it all works!

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